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BahamasAir Holdings Complaint

Bahamas air has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Bahamas air is going to be the reason Freeport goes under . When I checked in at the Freeport airport they told me my flight MIGHT be delayed but they weren’t sure and would let me know. About 10 mins before we were scheduled to leave they announced we were delayed like we couldn’t figure that out . Then she said the airplane was in the air on the way to pick us up. That flight was a flat out lie because there was no flight on the way to Freeport. Then your employees realized that the plane had been at the airport the entire time and they could get us loaded in about 10 mins if they were cleared to take this plane. So about 4 hours after we were supposed to leave we were finally boarding. The gate attendant was made aware that this delay caused me to miss my next flight. She instructed me to speak to a manager in Ft. Lauderdale when I landed. When I got to Florida and went to the desk there was a man there pretending to be the assistant manager because there is no way a company would hire a person that rude, ignorant, and not friendly or compassionate at all. He claimed his name was NEWBOLD. That guy was screaming at customers unbelievable women included. He needs to be fired immediately. He also needs to be dragged out back in the Ally and taught a lesson with how rude he was, and that was towards other customers not even me. So now I’m stuck with $1500 extras in bills for hotels flights etc. I really want to be reimbursed for this expense because it was not my fault but your companies. How can your company not be smart enough to realize that the plane had been there the whole time. There’s millions of people without jobs and you guys have managed to hire people that don’t deserve a job. If this is not resolved to my liking the FAA will be informed and the news etc until people realize how incompetent Bahamas air employees are. My name is Mark Burley [protected] and [protected] the flight was sat April 7 at 530 pm Freeport to ft Lauderdale.

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