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I am a General Contractor and was awarded two large custom door projects, I realized that it was time to upgrade from a bench top jointer to an 8” jointer, after hours of research, my consensus was that the Baileigh 8” Long Bed Jointer was the machine to purchase. I made my purchase on 6/9/2017 and anticipated the machine to be delivered in about 7 business days. I received the first jointer on 6/16/2017, when we opened this unit we discovered that the helical head I ordered was strapped to the bed of the unit and had caused damaged, the owner’s manual was soaking wet and the accessories had rust on them also. I sent email and | pictures to my sales representative letting him know of my disappointment of the machine’s condition, he responded with two options, accept the unit as is with a discount or ship back the unit and they will send a new one. I am always skeptical of businesses that offer to discount an inferior product as opposed to just replacing it. | I still wanted a jointer so I opted to have them send me a new unit. I followed all their procedures for re-crating, labeling and waited for the unit to be picked up. The machine was picked up on 6/21/2017. On 7/5/2017, exactly 2 weeks later I sent an email to my sale representative informing him I still had not | received my new jointer and if I didn’t receive it soon I would like a refund, his response was he was unaware I had not received it, great follow-up by the way, and he would look into it. This is now close to 30 days since I ordered and paid in full for the jointer, not to mention I had to pay for another shop to mill the lumber for my projects because I was still without a machine. I finally received the new jointer on 7/7/2017, I shouldn’t say received because the freight company dropped it off the back of the truck, see photos. I emailed my sales representative again to let him know what happened, he apologized said he needed to get with some people | in his office that were not in that day and would be in touch. I received a response 2 days later, stating they were prepping a new machine and would try to get it shipped within a couple of days. I responded surprised that after having my money for over 30 days, having 2 machines damaged during shipping this was all they were going to do. I would think a company would want to go above and beyond in this circumstance, maybe offer a discount, not for a damaged machine, but for the inconvenience or provide some free accessories, I mean something. Their response was, we will return your money in full, really, after all this you’ve decided the | correct way to satisfy this customer is to return his money, at this point I pretty much felt they would rather not deal with this, just return the money and he can buy from another manufacturer. I really want to read their customer service guidelines, because this was a big kick in the groin. I was told I would receive my refund was the damaged machine, a machine I never had possession of, was returned to them, but no later than Monday 7/14 and if I wanted to discuss this I could talk to the Sales Coordinator. I am glutton for punishment, so I gave the gentleman a call, he said they don’t own the machine while in transit so that is why I would have to | wait for my refund, he also stated he didn’t agree with the policy, but that is what upper management stated, well maybe upper management should be a little more concerned with the customers that are buying equipment or trying to get a non-damaged until then making sure they have more Facebook likes they any other machine manufacturer. ONE LAST ITEM, AS OF THIS POSTING I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY REFUND!!

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