Bailus Cook & Kelesis

Bailus Cook & Kelesis

WOW, what can even be said about an experience this poor? Marc Cook or Marc P Cook has developed quite the reputation for running up your bill with paltry results. How can someone like this even stay in business while handling cases as if they are just a vehicle to steal the money of clients? | Expect to be overcharged, harrassed, mocked and even threatened if you go down the same road with an attorney so pathetic that he must only feel good when his profit sharing checks clear. | STAY FAR FAR AWAY (that is if you valuable your finances and mental health)

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Customer service is horrible!!! On their website was advertised a Mississippi State University Bulldogs Deluxe Elite Chair Folding

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agreed to accept free sample then recieved invoice for $19.94 , no real person on 877-, only payment options. main ingredient is camphor.

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