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To Whom It May Concern: If you are unfamiliar with Gabriel Robles, he claims to be a developer of resort projects in Baja California, Mexico. He is also head of ADETUR (Baja Developer’s Association) whose mission, ironically, is to promote ethical business dealings in Baja in order to attract foreign investment. My family and I invested $150,000 in one of his condominium projects in Rosarito, about 30 minutes south of the border crossing in San Diego. To this day, I am owed well in excess of $200,000. Based on an investment memorandum offering a 30% annual return, my wife and I decided to participate in the project providing much needed capital. We received a promissory note which detailed the transaction with a due date of 4/1/07. We had set aside this money for a large tax bill which was due on 4/15. April 1st came and went and the note went unpaid. Gabriel Robles said he would not pay me the agreed upon 30% return on my money, even though I was induced to make this investment based on the company’s offering memorandum. He claimed the note was usurious (loan sharking) even though it reflected the terms in the offering and was signed by the managing partner. My family and I endured extreme financial hardship and now have and IRS lien against us because he has only paid us $5,000 to date. I was forced to file a lawsuit and received a judgment for my principal plus interest and damages. However, collecting will be another story. I have since learned that Gabriel Robles fraudulently conveyed company assets into his own personal accounts. It is my understanding that between 10-15 buyers have made down payments totaling over $1M which I fear may never be recovered. If you are one of these buyers, I would suggest you speak with an attorney asap. There is an email link under Gabriel Robles picture if you would like to contact us… we would like to help you bring him to justice in any way possible. My family and I will continue to fight this legal battle which has only added to our financial hardship. However, I feel an obligation to tell the world who Gabriel Robles is and how he operates in order to prevent others from being victimized. What you have read so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Everything on this site is documented email correspondence or matter of public record. Please browse through the links on the right and see the lawsuits, judgments. and other documents. If you do business in Mexico or know of others, please send them to this site so they can protect themselves against the same fate as Most sincerely, KY, Seattle, WA

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