Balll's Automotive

Balll's Automotive

Balll’s Automotive Sold me a lemon Indio California!!. I bought a car from this dealer about a year ago when I test drive with the vehicle the check engine light was on the worker who is with me when I test drove the car told me that they would have their mechanic look at it immediately. when we pulled back into the facility the guy had a mechanic drive it off .I know this sounds really dumb but I really wanted the vehicle. about an hour later the mechanic came back and the check engine light was off. I told them I still have some concerns about the check engine light they had ensured me that the problem was taken care of and that everything was fine. they also told me about a warranty from bumper to bumper. I purchase a warranty for 1800 with them ensuring me it covered bumper to bumper. As I drove it off the lot halfway home the check engine light went on .I right away text the guy I was working with to help me get the vehicle he had stated that the vehicle needed to be funded before any repairs can be done that I needed to tell the bank everything was fine so that they could go ahead and find the vehicle that way they can call the warranty company and get my vehicle fixed. I did exactly what they said to do. I made sure I text the dealer mechanic plus the sales guy everyday to get proof of my conversation .long story short they will not fix my vehicle Warranty company does not even cover the parts that need to be fixed. my car will not pass the smog. I got a lawyer and we are now heading to car only to find out balls Automotive lawyer wants to settle. all I want for my repairs done and for my car to pass a smog .I am reading and a lot of reviews that the lawyer will ask to settle but never pay you your money .I would strongly recommend staying away from this business it is Shady and I yet have to figure out why this company has not been shut down

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