Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill

We purchased a Balsam Hill 6.5′ Balsam Fir clear lit tree with the automated connections in the fall of 2014. On Nov 26th of this year when I was setting it up for the holidays, I noticed that 3 strands of the attached lights would not operate. I tried a few things and then called customer support. We spent an hour with the included repair kit trying to make the lights work again to no avail. This uncovered to me the poor quality of the lights used to light their trees. The customer service rep finally said that she would issue a warranty claim and that I would need to donate my tree to a charity, send them the donation receipt and they would then send me a new tree just like it. She apologized for all the trouble that would put me too but said that was their process. I asked her how long it would take to get the new tree and she said that it would probably take 2 weeks from when they received the donation receipt. Given this timeline, she agreed that they could send me one after Christmas.I had to call 3 times to get the warranty claim number. | After Christmas I went to their online chat and was told that I would have to call for a warranty claim. Then I was told that the tree was no longer covered by warranty. They were looking at the wrong order in spite of all the assurances I had that they kept all the information about our calls in their records. They also initally told me that they weren’t able to send emails but I have a string of about 15 of them now. I had the warranty claim and was getting the tree ready for donation when I received an email stating that they were sold out of my tree type and asked me to select another. I sent an email with that selection and was again told that they couldn’t dicuss by email and I would need to call. So I called and told them the tree that I would accept as a replacement: it was a Noble Fir of the same height but prelit with LEDs. I requested the LED due to the problem I discovered with lights on their trees. This tree was on sale and on sale it was the same price as the tree I had purchased which I purchased at full price. They declined to give me that tree because it is a higher priced tree. The problem is that they didn’t have any trees comparable to what I had. There were only 2 models available in that height and the other one was a spruce which is not what I like in a Christmas tree. | I have sent them the donation receipt and now I have nothing! I asked for a refund and they refused. They offered to let me know when they start getting trees in again which they believe will be in July for their July event. Wanda has said 3 times that she would call me back, but never has called me. I think 3 of the emails promise that I will be called within 24 hours with a resolution for me but I am never called. This is a horrible place to do business and I would recommend finding a better retailer to buy your tree from unless you don’t mind stringing your own lights on you tree!

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