Baltimore Housing Authority

Baltimore Housing Authority

The City of Baltimore Housing Department can legally take your private property, your house, from you by Building | Inspectors declaring it “Vacant” and ordering it “boarded up” or face a $500.00 dollar a day fine. | If you do not comply with them, they will take you to Housing Court and have the Court legally “take” | your house by a Court Receivership action. | The City then ownes your house and puts it up to a private Auction for Investors and Contractors to purchase | the house by very low bids with the condition that they will fix it up. | Please refer to a Baltimore TV program on February 29, by Barry Sims, on Channel 11, WBAL-TV, on this | matter. For example…. a Owner of a small rowhouse was in Europe, and unknown to him, the City of Baltimore | Housing Department, “took” the property by Receivership and sold it at a City Auction for $5,000 to | Investors, within a period of only 40 forty days. The Property was worth $100,000 dollars. All this was | unknown to him…and he has lost $95,000 dollars by this “legal” action. | The City of Baltimore does not give Fair Market Value for the property …..they just “take” the property.

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