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Freedom Checks, with Matt Badiali is speaking of investments on the internet and will show you how to do these investments. The first problem I find with this is you would get 4-6 emails in one day from different vendors (to fast) more like the fast talking salesman from back in the day and they all want money before you can get anywhere on the reading to understand what you are doing. | Trying to contact these people so far is a no go. All the email contacts are no-reply and the phone contact numbers are busy signals. As of writing this report I’m still trying to contact them. if you go to the internet to check the company and address and phone number when you call the numbers you will get a busy or the number you call is not affiliated with the company you are asking about. | You can’t be sure of the address, that my be bogus too. I have sent several emails to no avail, no reponse, no reply just more emails from several vendor affiliated with the company. So folks a word of warning do not send any money until they are checked out throughly. I didn’t lose much but it is still a loss.

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