Bar-None Builders, Inc.

Bar-None Builders, Inc.

We contracted in good faith with Bar None Builders to contruct a custom home on the street that bears the family name of the owner as the land was his fathers. | We signed a standard contruction contract – which included a not to exceed final price – and provided for items required by the builder to protect us the owner with requirements such as requiring a budget, a work schedule, and overall detailing how the project communication and final payment should proceed. | Not only was the process a nightmare due to dealing with what can only be described as a grumpy, disorganized and non-communicative person, none of the requirements for timeline or any other clauses met even with more then dozens of written requests. | Still, we needed a place to live and firing Jim would only make the process longer. We proceeded through a 1.5yr project (estimated at 9 months in the contract) and finally got to move into our new home early this year. | The project was financed by Redstone Bank (which I recommend) and they created a budget based upon the the not to exceed price, and would manage payments to ensure the total price wasn’t out of wack until the builder got line items back in line – protecting our best interests and agreed upon price. | Upon the final payment to builder, all final items had to be submitted, any other costs included and a final budget agreed upon. After running a budget through the year+ process imagine to our surprise when both the builder and bank indicated that after the final payment we would come in under budget! | Now, it is 5 months since that final payment and the builder has produced a bill for $20k of items either “not paid” or he forgot or something of that nature and threatning to put a lien on the property alhtough all of that should have been final with the project end. | The ripoff to me is the deceit to our faces about “coming in under budget” and shaking hands on that, only now to have been “bait and switched” which for sure will lead to a legal battle. | Besides being a miserable human being to deal with, Bar None and Jim Tacker are dishonest, shifty, and it is embarssing he would do so on a street that bares his family name. | Under no circumstances should he be allowed to continue in business in this manner and I will do everything I can legally and emotionally to prevent him from doing the same to someone else.

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