Barberinos dealership

Barberinos dealership

Barberinos dealership I put down $6,000 & then got $3,500 for my trade in. Ford Explorer was @ $12,000 after ALL taxes ETC! SO my balance basically was about $3,000!!! I then get a pymt book for 57 AT $221.47!!!! & I obviously called loan company, Barberinonissan many times w/o ANy HELP! Wallingford Connecticut!!. THEN this vehicle was in their shop WELL OVER 7’X for many things! & I got extended warranty BUT EVERYTIME I NEEDED it fixed IT cost me EACH TIME $$100.00!!! I KNOW I WAS SCAMMED BIG TIME! BUT, called & did ALL I really could. I said (after pymt book came) where’s MY $6,000.00 + $$3,500 towards my car???? Was ignored, nobody had a answer! I’m disabled & I used some of my SSD settlement. I’m just 46,was 41 when I got pc. OF Sh**, SORRY! I pray you can really help ME with this request. I was granted SSD @ 41 & NEEDED a newer vehicle badly. My HUGE, major issues with Barberinos was I put down $6,000 cash & then trading in Toyota @ $3,500. Total out the door Ford Explorer was approximately $12,000 & I added extended warranty BUT honestly I was SO annoyed with this as I HAD to pay $100.00 everytime it went in for major issues. Then got pymt book & there was 57 pymts of $$221.47!!! I tried everything possible! Nobody would return my calls, even the loan company said they see NO $6,000 & went there asked where did MY HUGE down pymt GO??? I’m disabled (46) BUT not stupid, dumb etc. I was definitely scammed by them & would LOVE to have you VERY MUCH help me get some money back & it should of been concerned a “lemon ” BUT they said IT wasn’t. There was NO way to fight them. PLEASE tell me you can help me with my issues with this request?? Barberinos dealership is 1,000% a SCAM dealer!

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