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This company has sent me a large order which was extremely off registration and poorly executed. I’ve tried for weeks to remedy the issue, however, the manager or owner refuses to speak with me, I am not even allowed to have their name! It seems to me very cowardly to send out expensive products with low-quality reproduction and then refuse to fix the situation or even chat with a customer who tried endlessly to fix things. | The customer service rep has been wonderful, yet she is unable to do anything either since there seems to be no management whatsoever. The owner/manager/mystery person comes in the morning and leaves before noon every day, and generally seems ambivalent to making a customer happy and taking responsibility for sending out a terrible product. They’ve skirted around an issue with an order that I was very fair, very patient, and worked tirelessly to compromise on. | Supposedly I’ll have an opportunity to speak with a manager by tomorrow morning, but I highly doubt that will happen, and then I will have no choice but to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I am sorry to say that I’d never order from them again, despite a very promising ongoing business relationship, in which I planned to work for years with them. Clearly, they are not interested in ongoing relationships, they just want to push out a crappy product and hope you don’t bug them for a refund.

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