Barlow Truck Lines

Barlow Truck Lines

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This company is totally unbelievable ! First they (Phil,the recruiter) will tell u that u can make$2k/wk there. NOPE !. Check out the MANY reports on ‘The Truckers Report’ from past drivers. I worked for this company for exactly 90 days. Never made a check past the first 2 wks. So I had to take advances of $6-800/wk jus to provide for my family. I never refused any loads and even called a LOTTA deliveries asking, beggin and pleading wit them to please take their load so I can get paid only for them ( Barlow) to not pay me for the load. They pay what they want, when they want and when u go to the office to talk to someone u’ll be there ALL DAY while they ‘soft shoe’ u to keep u calm. Governed trucks u will never own, stretched out unchangeable appts on loads and elogs will have u owing them EVERY week. They only pay 74% and they take 26% of EVERYTHING else except the supposed fuel surcharge. I talked to over 20 drivers while there and 3/4 of them had lost everything they own and are currently living out of the truck for $100/wk advance cuz u only get enough miles to pay the truck note of $1100/wk and fuel of another $1200/wk. U will NEVER own the truck and can’t modify it in ANY way cuz all work has to be approved by them. Trust me when I tell u that THIS COMPANY is the absolute worst company in the industry. They truly do NOT care about their drivers and no driver there is rollin in the dough !!!

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  1. Terrell Bybel
    June 16, 2020

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