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I contacted Barn-Outlet for the purchase of insulation for a steel building project. All seems fine – I dealt with a Jennifer Noreen in Customer Service and once my order was through I dealt with a David Spencer (in retrospect I believe that these are one and the same people trying to give the impression of a large corporation when in fact they are not). When it came to payment, the details got weird. Barn Outlet would only accept a scanned check with bank routing number. Almost as soon as it was sent, it was immediately cashed. I receive an invoice via email with the address in St Louis, MO. | After 4 weeks I had heard nothing from Barn Outlet. I get nervous. Phone calls go direct to voicemail and emails are unresponsive. I started to check on the St Louis address and it takes me to a high rise downtown St Louis (actually a law office in the Polsenelli Building – an unlikely location for selling building materials). | I then check the company on BBB and find that they have more addresses in Cape Coral, FL. I check these out on Google Earth and find that they are all UPS stores. Furthermore I see that Barn Outlet have multiple very negative reviews and complaints on the BBB website. | I finally get a hold of David Spencer via phone and he tries to assure me that he’s running a legit business. Only this time he tells me he’s operating out of Kansas City, MO. It’s all lies. He tells me that he is merely an employee of this nationwide business. More lies. | My continued research finds that this entire company (and previous companies) is headed up by a David Delaporte out of Fort Myers, Florida. He has set up multiple businesses under the pretense of selling building materials and does not deliver. These companies are: Barn Outlet LLC; North America Steel Buildings LLC; Suncoast Professional Business Services; Roll Up Door There are many more. This man is a scam artist and a con. It’s hard to believe he’s not in jail. When you look at the amount of people he has scammed and the money stolen it is in the tens of thousands. | My research also finds his court records (Lee County, FL) these are interesting… I also find his wife’s Facebook account. This f*ck is living like a king – flash house, Rolex watch, nice boat. He is the archetypal crook. There is no nationwide business- he is constantly reinventing himself opening business after business and fraudulently representing himself. All the while stealing money from people. | I called him on his ruse and told him all I learned about him now he doesn’t want to do business with me. Barn Outlet tells me that they will refund my money. I am skeptical.

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