Barrett Motors Inc Rowlett

Barrett Motors Inc Rowlett

Barrett Motors Inc Rowlett sold me a lemon – took back lemon and resold on their lot to someone else. Lied about new parts and service that was stated to be done and was not Starting off I came to this dealer because my cousin worked here. So there for I trusted the dealer. Rowlett Texas!!. Starting off I came to this dealer because my cousin worked here. So there for I trusted the dealer. So about 2 years ago I purchased a 2016 Ford Edge, during the course of a little over a year the suv was in the shop over 10 times. Only 2 times did they offer me a Car to drive. Due to the SUV being returned for the same problem 6 times. One car they did offer me broke down on me. After a bunch of back and forth u2018 back and forth for a year – the owner worked with me and basically said heu2019ll take the suv back. (That its what the consider a GHOST car. Google is if you do not know. Said they were going to take the suv to auction.) ( I ll explain why I am telling you this later) When the owner took the SUV back he paid off the balance I owed even if the value of the suv was less than I owe. I thought that was awesome that they did that, Made a better impression. Mr Barrett offered me a new Vehicle of any choice @ 0 down. I was impressed they were taking care of me. Upon receiving the Truck I wanted, Someone stole the tail gate the night before from the Garland lot. When I drove it back to the Rowlett lot they told me that they would order me a BRAND NEW one since it was stolen on one of their lots. Well They fixed everything I needed fixed. I was very happy. So after two weeks of the truck being in the shop I went yesterday to pick up the truck. I drove 2 hours there and 2 hours back in traffic uf04c Well I never got a chance to look over the truck- It was such a long drive I needed to get my son home and asleep. Once I got a chance this morning I went and looked at the ( NEW ) tailgate they got me. I am extremely upset. There are scratched in the tail gate. Started looking more around the tail gate and the top plastic rim has notched and dink all over it…. Pull the tail gate down and the plastic lining of the tailgate is all roughed up… Then I thought to myself… this is not a NEW tail gate.. They bought a used one and placed it on my truck. I have had nothing but issues with any Vehicle I have bought there and would not RECOMMEND ANYONE to shop here at any point. I thought I was getting a good deal when they took my LEMON u201c GHOSTu201d SUV back, but in all honesty- my payments are 200$ a month more almost and my total cost is 10 grand more. Its ok I got what I wanted. SO back to the SUV: After they told me that it was going to Auction… My husband went up there to take my truck and saw the 2016 BLACK FORD EDGE SUV on the LOT for sale. Now what kinda dealer says to you , Ill take the car back because its a ghost car and we will take it to auction, then turn right around and place the car back on the lot for sale to some other person… Well the car has been sold. (HOPE whom ever has it nothing else goes wrong) I hope that anyone who decides to buy from here really looks into what they are buying and have it checked out by someone you trust before signing. I think these people are crooked

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