Barry Chevrolet-Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep

Barry Chevrolet-Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep

Barry Chevrolet-Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep Denver(owner) Justin ( parts manager) Sadie Ball( service advisor) Cindy( service manager) Rebekah ( general manager) Horrible service department Ephtata Wa!!. Be very aware of this dealerships service department. I had an front axle replaced well kind of. My pinion on my ram 2500 with 61k miles on it had sheared off and slammed the drive shaft in the transfer case and into the ground. Prior to picking up my truck I got a call from justin in the parts department he told me they sent the wrong axle and had installed in on the truck and needed to order the new one. Justin then told me that they had installed and 1500!!!! On my 2500 don’t understand how that was possible. Well i will give the whole story its now been over 2 months and my truck still is not fixed correctly by them. Well here we go. I picked up my truck the Thursday before memorial day weekend just in time for Camping. Well after I picked it up I went right back. Told Sadie Ball the service advisor that its making a weird noise rhat it has never made. She went and talked to there technician she came back told me it was just rust from my old hubs on the new axle and that everything was fine. Well went and picked up the camper after unhooking the truck from the trailer I had noticed cables haniging down underneath well that was my brake cables and wheel sensors not attached to either side. Called them the next day told them what I found which they didn’t really care and thanked me that i got it fixed. Left camp got to Wenatchee i needed to really know what the nosie was whell my heag shields where both slammed up tight to my rotors there technician must not know what he’s doing. Got over to rhe Seattle area and the vibration and noise was just unbearable so I took it to another Ram dealership. This dealership found that there was a number of problems heres the list. 1) bent drive shaft 2) Crack in the transfer case 3)bad wear pattern on the new gears. 4)gear contact is way off. 5) metal in the differential fluid. 6) crush sleve installed wrong 7) bad bearings 8) rotors where hammered on and off hammer marks all over then. 9) wheel bearings both sides bad. Cause of that is from taking them off my axle putting them on a 1500 axle taking them off again and putting them back on again!!! I dont know where they hire there technicians but he might want to find a different career. The peoples lives this place put in danger while pulling my 40 foot travel trailer down the road on memorial day weekend is unreal and my and kids as well. They will not work with me to resolve this issue. Cindy there service manager is just a liar, Rebekah the ceo won’t return phone calls. and Denver the owner is just as good at not doing anything as the rest if the.. Do not trust these incompetent mechanics at this dealership you will wish you just drove on past.

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