Barry Maloney

Barry Maloney

Barry Maloney Barry Maloney Requires a fraudulent report Council Bluffs, Omaha Iowa!!. I am selling a motorcycle on craigslist and received a request to obtain a report like Carfax but for motorcycles. Thank God and thank this website that somebody else had filed a report so that I did not get taken advantage of! Here is my story. There is another report on this website filed against Barry Maloney using another website called spynew My bike is not new so he used The language of his email was identical except for the difference of the website. After showing genuine interest in asking about the condition of the bike, he sent this request: “Thank you for honest answer. Also, Thank you for offering me VIN. However I don’t want to obtain it myself because if it’s bad then i just lost my money, but you can still use it however it turns out. Iu2019d like to recommend you if you can use – because they’re way cheaper than carfax, and you know how it is, every cent you save counts. I would like to see your bike tomorrow if you are available (and if everything is fine with the report) I hope you consider this and get it, hope to hear from you soon, Barry” I cannot know if he is peeling off the credit card information or just making money off of the payments, but this is definitely a scam! As the other report also shows. Please be aware and do not respond to this scam

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