Barry Maloney

Barry Maloney

Barry Maloney VIN report scam from!!. I posted a motorcycle for sale on Craig’s List and a couple days later was contacted by someone calling himself Barry Maloney (email). He was very interested in the bike but wanted a VIN report via Thankfully I searched first for reviews on the site and couldn’t find anything. I ran a VIN report via a trusted site and posted it but he responded insisting he only trusts I did some more research looking for scams and although I didn’t see that site specifically, I saw transcripts of almost the exact script he used! His email is below. Beware people! “Thank you for providing VIN. However I don’t want to obtain it myself because if it’s bad then i just lost my money, but you can still use it however it turns out. Iu2019d like to recommend you if you can use – because they’re way cheaper than carfax, and you know how it is, every cent you save counts. I would like to see your bike tomorrow if you are available (and if everything is fine with the report)”

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