Barton Publishing

Barton Publishing Complaint

A few hours ago I was referred to this site in search of help for lowering blood pressure. It sounded convincing so I took the bait and gave them the order. As soon as I received confirmation I knew that that was a problem. It was all nothing but confusion. I immediately notified the credit card company and found that they had already contacted them.I will dispute these charges on the basis of misrepresentation. I also notified Buy Safe which represented their logo as a safe buy. I hope that you can stop this fraud. Shirley P

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Caesars Entertainment Complaint

After my second complaint to the company the manager took a picture of my ID and rewards card and when I asked what it was all about he Complaint

Booked a hotel in Switzerland last month, where you have to check in with a booking code (there is no reception). Despegar provided us

Rudy Soler is a serial scammer/cheater in Naples

Rudy, Hey man just checking in. I guess this is getting pretty old by now. Just remember you asked for this. You have been asked numerous

Right Click Capital Management Complaint

As far as I understand Right Click Capital is a part of another company named Draper Venture Network. Correct me if I’m wrong. It

CarComputer Exchange

CarComputer Exchange INCOMPETENT COMPANY!! Cary North Carolina!!. This company claims to sell rebuilt computers for cars and trucks