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When I see websites like theirs, I immediately open the Wayback machine and see what it looked like before. Because Basics Fund website contains no useful information and who knows, maybe they are planning to do something. Otherwise, they would have closed it. So the fund was founded by Russians, by two Russians, to be exact. That’s not the best sign, because Russia is a high-risk country (and no wonder why, considering that right now their website is useless, so it means that they got what they wanted and disappeared probably). Plus, the team is too small. Yes yes, we may assume that’s micro venture capital, but it doesn’t mean it has the right to look so lame. Previously the website wasn’t designed well or better. If I saw it when they were operating and gathering money, I wouldn’t have given them the highest ration either. Their portfolio is not big, it contains 8 projects only and it’s not impressive. So just in case, we don’t know what’s in their minds, so please, just be careful

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