Batteries 4 Less

Batteries 4 Less

Batteries 4 Less Batteries don’t even last 8 hours Las Vegas Nevada!!. THIS COMPANY WILL SELL YOU A BATTERY THAT WILL NOT WORK FOR EVEN 8 HOURS LONG When you call they will tell you that they have $25 batteries but when you arrive they will lie to you and tell you they don’t and will tell you they only have $40 to $48 batteries, only when you push and push will you finally get the $25 used battery price they quote. They charge $5 for installation (non-refundable no matter working battery or not), they will only give you a receipt for the battery price and tax, not for the installation charge. If you want a refund they will fight you even though only worked for maybe an hour and will not take the their horrible battery out and put the replacement or your original back in (even though you already paid for that) they will probably not give you your original battery back only another horrible temporarily working battery for less than 8 hours again (even though warrantied for 2 months). If you call the warehouse number below the man who answers the phone is rude and non-compliant, Instead of trying to help me the man told me to take him to court. They use a doctored up tester that will tell you the battery they are selling is good (which is absolutely not). They tell you that you need other things fixed for a price that you don’t need fixing. They lie about the hours, this particular store said they were open from 7am to 7pm except for Sunday, this store was not open at 7am, 8am, etc. They do not care if the battery is the correct battery for you car or not and in my case the battery was much too small for my car, they just want your money, and to top it all of you can’t even go to their other store hoping for better results, you must go back to the same awful place you purchased it from. They also say you can put what you paid towards a brand new battery with more money, but since there are no refunds then if it also ends up to be another lemon because they lied to you about it being new and only with a 1 year warranty then you are going to be out even more money and a dead battery, and your only resolution would be according to the jerk that allowed me to believe he was higher up in the company was to sue them. This place is extremely not reputable and do not stand by their products and services for even 1 hour even if it is warrantied, however the only thing they will do for you is exchange for another crappy non-working battery again!!!! P.S. If you are female and have very little auto knowledge they will take complete advantage of you as well!!!

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