Bavarian Body Works

Bavarian Body Works

Bavarian Body Works Claims to perform services on your car they didn’t really perform, shady lazy company. Atlanta Georgia!!. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE TO GET REPAIRS they will lie to you and say they had repairs performed on your car that they did not. I was in an accident and nationwide insurance sent me there. I hit my tire and my car started shaking afterwards I let the insurance company know and the shady man named Anders who did my estimate they said they would fix it(send it to a shop to get an alignment and balance and check why it is shaking). They had my car for four days when I finally got my car back it was still shaking. So I took it back and they began to claim it was not related to the accident and told the insurance adjuster the same. Also my alignment and balance was not done like they claimed to do. My car only began to shake following the accident I know my car. This is a shady body shop and does a half job and will lie to your insurance because they are lazy. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU GET IN A WRECK. They don’t care about your car only money. Also they messed up my paint job but I will never let them touch my car again I’d rather go somewhere else and advise you to do the same if you want an honest job done on your car.

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