Bay Ridge Nissan

Bay Ridge Nissan

Bay Ridge Nissan Vincent Freund – general sales manager Established a practice to deceive, con and defraud customers. He did not return my deposit of $1,000. Internet!!. On February 14th, 2018 I came to Bay Ridge Nissan dealeship with the intention to buy a car. Dealar Anatoliy lied to me about discounts, terms, finance and everyhing else. For example, he said that he can’t tell me my monthly payments untill I give him $ 1,000 deposit and transfer my car insurance. Three times Anatoliy called me asking to come and pick up the car, and when I came the car was still somewhere in a parking lot in New Jersey. After I filled out all the papers and wanted to make a final payment, he told me that thereis no such thing like a 0% finance for 3 years, which I asked for since the initial conversation. They did not return my deposit.

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