Bayonet Point Engine

Bayonet Point Engine

Bayonet Point Engine Failed to do a complete and competent engine re-manufacture which they charged me for. Hudson Florida!!. I have an RV which developed engine trouble and ceased up. I found Bayonet Point Engine on the internet and contacted them to see if they could work on RV’s. They advised they could so I had the RV towed to their establishment for evaluation. They advised me that the engine would need to be completely re-manufactured and gave me a quote of $4200.00 to do the job. I paid them $2100.00 on August 14, 2018 as a down payment. They said the job would take 14 working days. They kept the RV for two and a half months and after many many attempts to find out what was taking so long I finally got the RV back on November 3, 2018 whereupon I paid the balance of 2544.80. Almost immediately I noticed that the engine didn’t seem to be running well. I notified Bayonet several times and they said that the engine just needed to be broken in and that I should bring the RV back to them at the 1000 mile mark and they would make any needed adjustments. The RV continued to run worse and worse to the point where it would die when put in gear and then would not even idle for long before dying. Although I am not a mechanic it seemed obvious to me that Bayonet had not done the job correctly. I felt they had just done the bare minimum to make the engine run long enough to get it out of their shop and get my money. I decided to have the engine professionally diagnosed so I took the RV to National Auto Service Center of Hudson, FL. I provided a list of things that Bayonet said they did to re-manufacture my engine. Their evaluation showed that most of what Bayonet said they did had not actually been done and that they, National, would have to disassemble the engine to see what had or had not been done. I paid them $1605.00 for that evaluation. As it turned out National had to completely rebuild my engine at a cost of $4000.00. I notified Bayonet of all of this and invited them to come to National to let the technician there show them what they had found. Bayonet refused. I also requested a full refund of the money I paid Bayonet and they refused that too. They wanted me to return the RV to them under their warranty but I was afraid to do that as the problem seemed to be the substandard job they did in the first place. I feel as if I have been cheated by Bayonet and that they have engaged in deceptive practices. I need help in this matter as I am a widowed Navy retiree and senior citizen on a fixed income and cannot afford to have paid twice to have the engine re-manufacture done correctly. I have PDF documents to support my claim. I also have all the defective parts that National had to replace. Please let me know what I might be able to do to resolve this matter.

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