BAYTOWN NISSAN bait and switch baytown Texas!!. I was contacted by a Lauren that said she was in finance for Baytown Nissan. she emailed me saying that i was approved for $0 down for any car up to $25,000.00. i contacted her the next day and she repeated this information over the phone. so i drove the 45 minutes it took to get to the dealership from my house. When i got there i asked for lauren and was told to wait she will be right with me. instead of lauren i got a joey. he asked for all of the info that lauren said i needed to bring. i gave it to him check stub license and proof of residence. so we proceed to go look at a 2018 ford explorer that was well under the 25,000.00. we got back in and he had me fill out an app i asked why because i was already approved he said it was just a formality for the bank. i did it and he said he will be back in 10 minutes. he comes back and says that i need a co-signer or i need to make a down payment. i proceed to tell him that i was told i was already approved without any of that. He tells me i am approved the bank is just asking for these things now. i said well lauren told me that the bank approved me for $0 down on any car up to $25,000.00 and he actually says yes you were. so i ask again if i was approved why are you asking for a co-signer or a down payment. he once again said the bank was asking for this. mind you none of the info that i gave on the site when i was searching for the car had changed when i got there. so i proceed to ask him what changed between that phone call and now> his answer and this is the crazy part was ” you picked out a car” no lie that was his excuse for the change. so he asks me again can i put anything down i say no even though i had enough to put down $3,000.00. the simple fact that they tricked me into coming there had me livid. so i left he gave me his card and said call if i change my mind. the next day i call and surprisingly i get lauren and go over what was told to me the day before so she says she will check into it and call me back. i never got a return call so i wait a couple of days and call back and a woman that suspiciously sounds like lauren answers and tells me that lauren was fired a couple of days ago

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