B&B Parts International

B&B Parts International

B&B Parts International Dilip Krishan Fraud, Deceit, Online Fraud, Dishonest,Indian Fraud, London Fraud Southhall, Internet!!. BB Parts International and Dilip Krishan (the MD) is a fraudulent company. Had I seen this site eralier, I would have alerted the UK cops. As I was in the UK on holiday and had done business with many companies both online and by wire transfer. We found him online on 777parts.net where caterpillar parts dealers ,buyers and sellers meets. Dilip and I met at a local Indian pub (where he seems to be a regular)and his office in Southhall London. BB Parts International was paid about GBP 8,800:00 to deliver Caterpillar parts in Jan 2013. He promised it will be delivered in Nigeria as agreed within a week. I travelled back and a week turned to two weeks.His excuse was that the because the goods were it was to come to Nigeria , US customs were given a hell of issues on the goods.Later he said it was sorted out. I asked for courier tracking number he gave a bogus number without courier details like the site. I cried foul play and he apologised. He later came up with the fact that the goods were going through a “cooling period” His communication was really bad. I had to really question his integrity before he picked up his phones or SMS. His mails were also vague. Finally he said the good shad been cleared and was to be shipped via Dubai. He finally sent a Fedex Tracking number. I was suspicious as the (a)weight of the goods were far above what I desired (b) The title of the consignment and (c) It was heading to Kuwait and not Dubai as earlier promised. I once gain questioned his integrity and accused him of a Fraud. He pleaded that he was legit and should give him more time. The goods he said were to be separated in Kuwait as he had other orders attached. After a week of tracked goods has arrived Kuwait , still no delivery. A Mr. Roy George (Of United Logistics Company) was to do the clearance. By the way Mr Roy George is an Indian with a Caucasian name. Of course this alarmed me and Dilip reassured he was legit.I had a check on Roy George on the internet and God was I alarmed that a lot of indians bear Roy George. I also checked out Universal Logistcis Company in Kuwait (needless to tell you it is also run by Indians). I asked if Mr Roy George was a genuine employee and they affirmed he was the GM of their sister company “Atlas International”. Two weeks after I got a mail from Roy george (Atlas International) that the Wrong Parts were delivered and they were sorry. They had notified Dilip and will be refunding Dilips money. They were apologetic for the inconvenience and blah blah. My surprise was that a day before the Roys mail ,Dilip assured all the parts were accurately delivered. I asked Dilip to respond to Roy George’s mail. He pleaded to give him more time that it was a mix up and he will get it sorted out. I wasn’t interested as I had another supplier. I told him to refund my money and he has not responded nor picked up his call. I had informed him I will report him to his Bank , several Government Authorities including kenya (were he claims he is from). All this was in Feb 2013. It was why searching that I came across this site and saw he had done a similar false business transaction with a man in the US.

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