BB Wheels

BB Wheels

BB Wheels BB Wheels Does bad business, Buyer Beware Dont Buy Rims from this company Albany Minesota!!. I bought a set of rims from BB wheels, the item they sent me was not the item that I ordered. I called the business, they were very rude to me. They told me that I would have to ship the items back out of my own pocket. We are talking well over $200.00 to ship them back. I told them the product that I received was not what I ordered. They also told me Id be charged a 15% restocking fee. This business took zero responsibility for their own mistake. They refused to stand by their business, and did not make any attempt to correct their mistake. Now I am stuck with a product that I did not want. I did not order what they sent me, and now I am out $587.80. This business should not be allowed to conduct business. Sending items that people do not order and then tell them they have to pay for their businesses mistake is wrong, and Buyer beware, dont give this business your money. Now I am stuck with 4 ugly rims that I did not order.

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