BBB Western Ontario

BBB Western Ontario

The BBB is a pay for ratings scam system that many companies like ours have halted services with long ago. Reason being it is not a fair system nor a practical one to say the least, but a money grabbing yearly fee program that is no different then your ordinary timeshare setup. We dont need it, want it or will ever see it again in our expense boosk. They can go pound salt for all i care and ruin someone elses life. Now its time to put these crooks on the spot. | Since the company listed is no longer in business, we have politle requested Chris to remove any and such postings involving this companys details and this guy just does not seem to get it. Chris is aas unprofesisonala s they come, as well someone who is a rookie to understanding how the dynamics of real things work in life. Nothing but a desk junky hiding behind his BBB curtaina fraid to deal with matter slike these properly in person or profesisonally. | I say this with a naitonwide list full of other sin the same standing as us. | This guy has yet to send any related material that would be irrelevant to this slanderous and defamative positng. Just another bototm feeder like the rest on the inernet sticking their noses whee they just do not belong. I personally walked into the BBB offic elong ago and told them all how it is when we wer ebeing reaped of our fees yearly and came to find out that it was ultimately a pay for respect sma system. | As soon as the cheques stop coming in, they post you with an automatic F and resist from cooperating on your status. Unforutnately some people fall for this and are reasons why they get ripped off in daily everday business. | Go get a real job! | Heres some links and resources that will add to this matter for your review to see where we are coming from.

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