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B&D Auto Jeff Barra Car Buying Nightmare Burlington New Jersey!!. I purchased a 2018 VW Passat from B&D Auto 6/16/2015. Immediately upon leaving, I noticed the right tire going flat and the brakes were grinding terribly. I called Patrick (salesman, and he asked did I have time to bring it in to their shop. I said yes. Went to the shop and was told the car needed front/back brakes and rotors. They told me the tire was fine but had a slow leak which dealer wasent paying for. He also told me that the (2) Tire Pressure Sensors on the right were bad. Called dealership and spoke to Jeff Barra who told me the car was fine. I told him brakes do not go bad after 2 mins of leaving the dealership. He agreed to fix the brakes but stressed he was paying for the cheapest parts. I was told by repair shop they had to order the brake parts and could I bring the car the next day. I did. On 6/17/2015, I returned to the repair shop. After 3 hours they said the brakes were done. It appears that Jeff told repair shop to only replace the front brakes. Leaving me to get the rear done. The car was driving terrible. I drove the car to work that evening only to have to get a jump start at 1:00 am in order to get home. The incident did not occur again but I notice the “service engine soon light” was on as well as “maintenance required” indicator. I called dealership left several messages no one returned my call. What was interesting about this visit was: While I was sitting there, the owner Jeff Barra pulled up in a Mercedes. He began speaking to the mechanic in reference to a Burnt Orange Dodge Charger that a customer had purchased and the ac compressor went bad. He told the mechanic to write up the invoice with more miles on it than the car had so the warranty company would absorb the cost (fraudulant). On 6/18/2015, I woke up to a flat tire. I had to work a double shift so I did not have time to deal with car at all. At the completion of my shift, Round 2 car would not start. After 2 jump starts car finally started. I got home with all intentions of calling B&D the next morning. On 6/19/2015, I called the original repair shop to ask them if I could bring car in to have it looked at. He asked: What car. I told him the 2018 Passat. He then began to tell me that car was involved in an accident on the right side damaging the sensor and the dealership was aware that it would cost apx $1100 to repair. He also told me that the sensor in the door was the reason the battery kept dying. He informed me that they could not give me the OK to bring the car in and I needed to call B&D. About 5 mins later the finance company called and told me that the original contract was voided because the calculations did not add up and the numbers were not accurate. She informed me in order for B&D to get paid I had to go and re-sign the documents. I explained to the finance company the issues I was having and she informed me that if the car had issues and needed repairs they would not be authorizing payment and that I needed to return the vehicle since it had not been 72 hours yet. I got to the dealership where i was told to sign the new contract for the car and I refused. I told Jeff that the car was in an accident and he did not disclose that to me prior to selling me the car. He replied “Alot of cars have been in accidents”. I told him I spoke to the bank and they were not funding him for the car and I wanted my down payment back as the deal was cancelled. He told me I wasent getting any money back and if I wanted it I would have to take him to court. I told him I had the car 3 days and put 130 miles on the car and the car had issues. I told him I was not purchasing a fixer upper for that type of money. He began to get smart. I walked out and called BCPD. The officer informend me that the next time I buy a car, I need to do research on the dealership prior to purchasing. He informed me that they visit the dealership weekly for similiar complaints. He also provided me the name and address of the court where i needed to file a civil suit againt the dealership. Buyers beware!!!!!! This dealership buys and sells salvage and/or rebuilt cars. The titles are clean because many of the accidents were not reported, They should be shut down!! Jeef and Patrick have called me apologizing for the vehicle and instead of returning my money, want me to purchase something else there. Get the FOH. They are crooks I wouldnt recommend my worst enemy to buy there.

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