Beachbody LLC

Beachbody LLC

Reluctantly, I ordered a set of DVD’s called Country Heat from Beachbody. They had a deal of $19.95 down, and 2 additional payments of $19.95 each. When talking to the representative over the phone, he started his spiel about how I would be receiving a free sample of shakeology, as well as another product called Activit. I explained to him I do not take supplements as I have medical issues plus I am allergic to many things, and I did not want them. All I wanted was the DVD’s. Insistent he explained these come free and if I don’t want them to give them to someone else. | I received my DVD’s in the mail about 3 weeks later (was supposed to get free expedited shipping, didn’t happen). I was charged $37.42 for the first payment on 1/30/17. When I called them I asked why they were charging me $37.42 when they stated it was $19.95. I was told because I had to pay for shipping. What? The free shipping was just for an upgrade to expedited shipping that took 3 weeks. | On 2/28/17, I was charged $20.45, and on 3/1/17 I was charged $41.05. They had no explanation for this. So my original cost I was led to believe was $59.95, actually cost me $98.92. | On top of all this, when I specifically stated numerous times I didn’t not want the supplements, they sent me a bottle of their supplement called Activit. When I checked my credit card statement, I saw a charge of $40.21 posted on 3/1/17, and called them immediately and told them to cancel this. On 3/31/17 another charge hit my account for $29.95. Once again I called them and I was assured would be handled and I would not have another charge to my account. I received and email verifying that this was taken care of. Much to my surprise, I went to pay my credit card bill today, and there was another charge posted on 5/1/17 for $29.95. I spoke with someone with a very heavy accent telling me that I didn’t return the bottle and that’s why I was charged again. No one ever said return the bottle. I am so frustrated. I will be contacting my credit card company tomorrow and trying to have these charges reversed, and if I have to reissue a new card. | This company is very deceitful. All I wanted was to order some dance tapes, and got nothing but grief. These tapes are definitely not worth the money, and all the aggravation that goes along with it.

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Sean Earwood is a deceitful lying loser scumbag con artist scammer Nuevo Ca.

Theresa Earwood 31501 Nuevo Rd nuevo CA 92567-8929 I rarely write a review on a person. when I do it’s for a good reason. I will outline

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