BEARING STOCK S.R.L. SC RBR Bearings Factory S.R.L. Stroe Dorel (Stroie Dorel) Fraud company, he not have warehouse or any bearings, ATTENTION Constanta!!. SC RBR Bearings Factory S.R.L City-Constanta – Country – RomaniaBul.Mamaia Nr.228CIF 34055809 J 13/180/4.02.2015Bank Account Ron : RO93BTRLRONCRT0332920801 Bank Account Eur : RO43BTRLEURCRT0332920801SWIFT : BTRLRO22Tel: +40-762566330Fax: +40-368816832E-mail: [email protected] SC Bearings-Web SrlAdresa: Bacau-ComanestiRON = RO 19 RZBR 00000 600 18315009EUR = RO 08 RZBR 00000 600 18315013USD = RO 94 RZBR 00000 600 18315017GBP = RO 72 RZBR 00000 600 18315122SWIFT = 35373002Raiffaisen Bank – BacauPhone: +40-740669009 Fax: +40-368816832 E-mail: [email protected] WARNING WARNING WARNING deceive people around the world, you’ll never see no bearings NOT YOUR MONEY Deceiver, a liar, the scum, God be their judge.

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