Beauty and Truth

Beauty and Truth

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So i gave them the information they wanted during this time another ad popped up offering me a bottle of renewing serum for $6.95. i accepted that offer also. not because i thought it would erase my wrinkles simply thought it was a reasonable price to pay. within 2 hours after i placed my order my debit card company called me to confirm that i had authorize the purchase. the withdrawal was not like my usual purchases. i told them i had authorized both. i received my products and started using them. they did as i expected they added moisture to my skin. 3 weeks passes i go on-line to check my debit account and the company had withdrawn more than $97.00 from my account. i quickly dialed their number and eventually spoke with a male who after a few words hung up on me. i called back a female answered i told her my problem i told her the withdrawal that was made was not authorized by me and wanted to know why they were with drawing funds from my account. she then told me that i had only purchased a trial sample of their products and that i had so many days to cancel my trial and since i didn’t cancel and return the product they withdrew the funds. i explained i had not agreed to that and the information she was giving me was the first i had heard about a trial offer. she assured me she would refund my $97.+ dollars. i went back to my debit account and followed links and filed a complaint against the company. early the next morning i called my credit union to inform them the charge was not authorized and to ask for a new card and cancel the one i had used. beauty and truth during the night had made an additional unauthorized withdrawal from my account of over $88. my credit union asked me to type out a statement and bring it to them stating the withdrawals were not authorized. which i did and they were removed from my account.*

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  1. Lavonia Schnoke
    June 16, 2020

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