Beaverton KIA

Beaverton KIA

Beaverton KIA Extended Warranty Fraud Beaverton Oregon!!. We have purchased a 1 year old KIA from Beaverton KIA. The car came with 4 years of manufactureru2019s warranty. We got talked into purchasing an extended warranty for 5 years/90,000 miles for $1399. It was clearly explained to us that an extended warranty is a warranty that extends your coverage once your manufactureru2019s warranty expires and has similar coverage. We tried to use this coverage and were told that our extended warranty expired. Apparently, the extended warranty that was sold to us started on the day of purchase not on the day manufactureru2019s warranty expired, which means that we paid $1399 for a 1 year of coverage. The KIA dealer in WA who serviced our car told us to contact Beaverton KIA because they thought it had to be a mistake. They deal with extended warranties all the time and 1. have never seen an extended warranty to be sold for the same time period as on manufactureru2019s coverage and 2. they sell 10y/ 100,000 for a compatible price. I did contact Beaverton KIA several times. The first time I was informed that that was the contract that was sold to us and that u2018they do not remember the terms of contract they were offering in 2007u2019. Later they emailed me a copy of the contract pointing out that the wording on the start date is in a tiny print on the second page. I believe that charging someone for a warranty that the car already has as well as charging the same as if the car was off manufactureru2019s warranty constitutes dishonest sales practices. Stay away from this place.

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