Beck's European

Beck's European

Beck’s European aka, Frank and Kimberly Beck. Frank is a little man with big problems. Ever hear of “hostile work environment”? That is this place to a tee. Frank is HORRIBLE to his employees.. Scottsdale Arizona!!. Frank Beck is a little man with big problems. He is a tyrant and treats his employees terribly. Ever hear of “hostile work environment”? Well, that describes Beck’s European to a tee. I don’t understand what makes him think that he can treat people with such disrespect. I’ve been in contact with former employees, and they all say the same thing, that he’s horrible. Other local businesses say the same thing. I spoke to British Autmotive and he’s not allowed throuh their doors. He was removed from there. He’s gone through over 20 Administrative Assistant’s in 2 years. He thinks all employees are “entitled” or “lazy”. That is not true, he has un realistic expectations. He doesn’t even like employees to use the bathroom because he thinks we’re using company time. He also thinks that I’m obsessed with football. I’m not obsessed, I’m passionate. It’s football season, of course I’m going to talk about it. Usually a girl who knows about football is awesome!! I got in trouble for talking about it with customers…when THEY brought it up!! Frank hates all sports…real ball of fun huh? I’ve been keeping track of everything on the sly there. I have everything documented. At the end of November, he waited until all customers were gone and he called the Service Manager (who is awesome) into his office and ripped him a new one for about 30 min. It made me so uncomfortable and he kills all morale there on a daily basis. On December 30th the new guy made an honest mistake, that was so easily fixed, Frank told him that he has “head up his butt syndrome”. How mean!! And he took it out of his paycheck. The following day was my turn…he called me into his office and basically told me that I’m stupid and that I’m also arrogant and delusional for thinking otherwise…he’ll deny it until the day he dies, but I know what I heard. That was my breaking point. When my mom tells me to quit, you know it’s bad. His wife Kimberly isn’t any better. She seems sweet, but she’s a snake in the grass. She will stand up for him no matter how wrong he is. She’ll throw any employee under the bus to save her own butt. She’ll say things, then deny saying them when she knows d**n WELL what was originally said. Unless she’s certifiably crazy too…which is very possible. As far as I know, you’re not supposed to discuss religion or politics. Frank and Kimberly claim to be Christians. I didn’t think deciet was a Christian thing to do…they are very decietful. Frank asked me if I believe in God on my first or second day. Today he had the audacity to ask me why I go to church because “I’m living in sin and not doing God’s will.” Because I live with my boyfriend and we’re not married. I’m 39, he’s 38, maybe marriage isn’t something that we want!! We are in a loving, committed relationship and frankly, how I live my life is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS. I guess half of the planet is going straight to hell because a lot of people live together and aren’t married. He proceeded to go on for another 20 min about how Christ died on the cross for our sins and all kinds of stuff…that I already know, and not to be discussed in the workplace. Then there’s the issue of pay. He’ll tell you that you’ll be paid salary. That’s another way they can cut corners. The hours are from 7:30-5:30, and he expects us there by 7:15 or 7:20, and leaving at 5:30? Ha!! That NEVER happens. They do anything to save a buck, it’s always freezing in there because they don’t run the heat!! I had customers complain about it. Kimberly always says, “That’s saving us $45.00, that will feed my family for a few days.” Um, what about us…we have families too. I hope I never hear that phrase again. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. He told me that I’d be paid a certain amout a year, then after I started, he cut it by a few thousand dollars because he said that I’m not worth it. Last paragraph. He had knee surgery in mid December so he was gone for a while…it was FABULOUS while they were both out. Everyone was relaxed, work got done, we laughed, we had a good time. Then when he came back it was back to the same old Frank. Coming in at 8:00 barking at everyone (espcially Matt, the Service Advisor)…at 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s like, “chill out man, it’s 8 o’clock in the f-ing morning!!” This was a short lived job, and by far the WORST I’ve ever had. I don’t even really drink, I don’t have alcohol in my house…until now. He drove me to drink and he had me so wound up, I had to have a drink when I got home!! I think Hitler (or maybe even Satan himself) would be better bosses than Frank and Kimberly Beck.

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