Beejay Motors

Beejay Motors

This man is a disgrace to the community and should not be aollowed to stay open. He is scam artist and is out to take advantage if people with selling cars that he know needing work. Something told me to run while I was in his office when customer after customer were calling complaining about how he treated them. He thinks he is fast talker someone should do something fast to stop his scamming people who have worked hard and then he takes their money

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Basically, this company “” which is really “Ya Ya Creations” has no interest in customer service and

Cayman National Bank Complaint

Cayman national bank has recently been voted as the worst bank to deal with in the world. Bad customer servvice – cayman national

I rented out the club for $2500 and the agreement was that i get the door money back and all 5 vip tables was mine that included 3 free

Armishaws Removals Complaint

Be very careful when dealing with this company. They have hidden clauses in their storage contracts which means you have to pay to inspect

Automotive Unlimited FL

Automotive Unlimited FL FRAUD ALERT Bought a car from this company – they lied lied lied and keep telling me more

LiveAquaria Complaint

Beware – scam!!! Liveaquaria site is very very deceptive. First, they offer free shipping of orders over $144.00. They take