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To those of you thinking about purchasing a kitten from buffalo creek farms I would advise you to save your money and purchased from a reputable breeder. I am compelled to share my experience with buffalo creek farms with all the potential future customers in hopes that they do not have to go through the same living nightmare our family has with Kelly Krejci and her herd of sick cats. We purchased the male tabby kitten from Kelly in the spring of 2011 and soon as we picked him up from the Airport we could tell he was suffering from malnutrition, he lacked any socialization skills and clearly came from a kitten mill. He had straw tangled in his fur and had an offensive odor. When we tried to pick him up he shivered with fear of wet on himself. He was very skinny and frail. Regardless of everything we tried to assure him he was safe in our care he refused to come out from under the couch. He was too terrified to eat or drink and began to drop weight that he really couldn’t afford to lose. We contacted Kelly and expressed our concern, she ask us what his ID number was on her website. When I told her his ID number then she told us to get an eyedropper and force water down him, that was the only advice or help she offered. Fearful he was on death’s doorstep we took him into the vet where there they discovered what we had suspected, he was clearly a product of a kitty mill. Our vet said he was infested with ear mites, pinworms and fleas. He was so dehydrated they hooked him to intravenous fluids right away- after four days in the icu he was able to come home but only with a sack full of medicine. Administering this medicine orally created further trauma to his mental well-being. After 2 1/2 weeks of pulling him out of under the bed to medicate him we noticed a patch of hair missing above his right eye so back to the vet we went. The vet took one look at him and said “that is ringworm” he preceded to tell me how highly contagious ringworm was and that I would have to thoroughly disinfect any and all areas our new kitten had been. He dipped him in a sulfur Lyme dip that smelled like rotten eggs, then sent me home with more pills to administer for the next three weeks. During this time both of my children developed patches of ringworm on their arms and legs. Between the kitten an treating our kids it has been an exhausting summer of trying to rid my home, furniture, carpets of all the ringworm spores and fleas. Disgusted that our new kitten experience, which was supposed to be fun, had become a living nightmare I wondered if I was the only person who had such a horrific experience with buffalo creek farms. I searched until I located the USDA phone number for Kelly’s area. I was shocked beyond belief to hear that Kelly Krejci was a animal broker for numerous types of animals like persian kittens, himalayan kittens, goats and rabbits. I was informed that Kelly Krejci of buffalo creek farms buys these animals from the Amish and resells them on the internet through her website. This explains how one person can have so many available animals at all times of the year. It also explains the straw in our kittens coat, he was raised in a barn. I thought nothing of her cattery name Buffalo Creek Farms until I did research and found out the type of real cat farms her kittens originate from. I would advise anyone thinking of supporting this kitten mill operation to walk away from her and save yourself the heartache our family has endured through the purchase of this very ill little animal, and shame on you Kelly! We love our kitten despite all of his medical conditions, and the $2700 vet bill he has ran up in his short time here, however it is important to know the animals she markets on her website are in fact the products of filthy dirty animal farms right down to their straw beds. I do hope sharing my experience will save other families similar experiences. Sincerely, Andrea Walker Buffalo Creek Farms Kelly Krejci Call: 785.840.9197 Fax: 785.840.9187 Mail: 1483 N 2100 Rd Lawrence, KS 66044 E-mail: [protected] Phone: 785.840.9197 Sells herds of everything specializes in nothing.

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