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I have dealt with diverse law firms. Many have been somewhat sketchy. But, Bell Baker is by far the most treacherous and corrupt organization of any kind that I have dealt with. They serve you wiith a small, but lack integrity. | Let me give you an example of what I know about this firm. | A Big Pharma interest made a close elderly woman who is a friend of mine very sick. Her son sought to make her better but this Big Pharma interest didn’t want word to get out to the general public how dangerous their treatment is. So, they hired Bell Baker who sought to “take care of things” by forging this her husband’s signature alleging that ‘these parents’ wanted nothing to do wiith the son anymore. | Problem is that this was a lie. | The Big Pharma interest then did some medical experiments on the husband that made him psychotic and caused him to abuse his wife under their mind-controlled direction. Now both the mind-controlled husband and his abuse wife have been subjected to a “quarantine” out of a bizarre Hollywood Movie that has been imposed by a Big Pharma interest paying Bell Baker apparently over $300/hr hour to keep this couple’s mouth shut. | The husband experienced a moment out of his drug / hypnotized induced stupor and tried to call his son about a year ago. Him and his son had a very pleasant conversation it seems. But, when Bell Baker found out, they took his phone privileges away and he got roughed up along with his wife who now can’t talk, walk or write anymore. Bell Baker works for criminals, and their lawyers have no business practicing law. | Their litigation against the son is a complete cover false flag operation which is the product of forgery, and Ms Cleroux, one of their secretaries, was made to sign an affidavit under duress by one of their corrupt lawyers over there. | When the son tried to seek the relief and support of Judges, they were naturally all for reuniting the son with his Mom until the Judges began to be threatened by operatives working for Bell Baker’s associates. Back in December 2015, I was informed that when Justice Roger was just about to rule in favour of the son, one of these operatives interrupted the court room and subjected Justice Roger to terrible threats. He apparently emerged from the confrontation with these operatives in a fearful state which caused him to abruptly change his mind and refuse the son regaining access to his mother — who he had been protecting from abuse and supporting her recovery from medical malpractice.

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