Belle tire roseville

Belle tire roseville

Belle tire roseville Brought truck in for 4 new tires and an alignment. Price 500dollars. Roseville Michigan!!. Brought truck in for 4 tires and an alignment. Priced at 500 dollars. Takes them over an hour to bring the truck into the shop. Right after the tech does that he takes a lunch break while the customer is waiting. For 2 hours he then beats on the truck repeatedly. The tech then comes in side and whispers to the a****** assistant manager Jason Kruger ” I f***** their Lug nuts up. Tell them they need all new lug nuts”. The ignorant tech didn’t realize some people have supersonic hearing. The assistant manager calls us to the counter and says we need all new lug nuts they are 15 dollars a pack and you need 5 packs. I exclaim I just had all four tires off 3 days ago and the lug nuts were perfectly fine. Jason Kruger then proceeds to be a complete a*s. I asked his name and he said don’t worry about it. I said really? Must have something to hide. He then tells me his card is on his desk. After that he proceeds to tell me he isn’t a mechanic just a sales f***. But stood there and tried to throw me, the mechanic, under the bus as if I don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s right a sales f*** knows more about the repair of vehicles than a ase certified mechanic of over 20 years. Right. He proceeds to call me a dumb a** and to go f*** myself. A new customer walks into the store and I explain how he should go somewhere else because they will destroy his vehicle blame him for the destruction and then charge him to fix it. That customer took my advice and left. Ever notice that in most belle tire places they post only 2 ase certifications? Yet they have over ten techies working on vehicles….wonder why that is. Turns out that assistant manager was already in the spot light for his rude behavior and horrible customer service, according to corporate. In the end….they claim the vehicle needs one wheel bearing and one ball joint both on opposite sides. Now any true ase certified mechanic would know that you always replace steering and suspension components in pairs. Clearly these guys don’t understand why that’s the proper way to fix a vehicle. And what do you know they were able to reuse every single luck it they claimed was destroyed. SCAM! Do not give these jack a**** your business. They are trained to rip people off because the average consumer isn’t mechanically incline and generally knows nothing about cars or vehicle repairs. Today, I proved them otherwise. I will not rest until had in Kruger is fired for insubordination. Another thing to add. The outside trash can is over flowing with trash. Apparently none of those employees know how to simply empty a trash can into the dumpster. Unreal.

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