BELLE TIRE Belle Tire deceives their customer’s ROYAL OAK Michigan!!. Consumer two years ago Belle Tire installed 2 front monroe struts on my 2018 elantra coupe. The parts failed along with the mounts I was told the parts are coverd but i have to pay labor again. They go on to say you need front strut mounts as well we did not replace them. I asked how much for all this ? To my surprise he said $500… he said we are going to put quick strut assembly on there a all in one system the (spring,strut,mount exc). What they didnt know I did my due diligence and guess what? There is no quick strut available for the 2dr Elantra. “He Lied” So I called corp of course the guy in customer service and said i know him and i cant see him lying maybe he didnt know! he is a nice guy I can have him call you and fix this. I get a call from Derek the GM who I have been dealing with and asked him again and he stuck to the monroe quick strut story. I told him it is not available he ask how do you know? and all of a sudden he cant see the part number in his system anymore. Gets better! so he said to me well we can order the parts from the dealer its going to take a few days you have to pay a deposit. its $150 per strut mount, labor and allignment $490 out the door. Outrageous Lol..he is still trying it !! I purchaced a pair of front strut mounts for $144 out the door at my dealership Suburban Hyundai. I called Derek to tell him i got the parts I was so happy only for him to say we dont install customer parts. What??? He went on to say his guys get their bread and butter. So I asked your a commission based company by upcharging and ripping off your customers? He replied when ever your ready to come in and said have a nice day. Consumers did you know their shop mechanics receive commission and salary i didnt? Belle tire gets a Ripoff Scams thumbs down in my book i will never go there again..

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