Ben Farmer

Ben Farmer

Ben Farmer Elect Liberty PAC Mike McCauley Adam Kokesh Jacob Lamont Marcus Pulis Elijah Gizarelli False Misrepresentation, Misappropriation Of Funds Roswell New Mexico!!. I am Certified Information Systems Security Professional who was approached on three separate occasions by Ben Farmer on behalf of the Kokesh 2020 campaign in May, he informed me he was the Chief Strategist for the Adam Kokesh Campaign at that time. He misrepresented a plot involving loss of campaign funds instigated by a party across social media. According to Ben Farmer, the Kokesh 2020 campaign lost 60% of donations due to a particular blogger. Upon researching the individual implicated in the loss of donations, it was found to be unsubstantiated and was merely a method to harass, intimidate and potentially ruin an innocent personu2019s life. These methods of harassment are being employed against any dissendant who disagreed with the Kokesh 2020 campaign. After claims of lost donations, I was then approached to use the banking affiliations inside the firm to fund a 1.1 million dollar campaign house in Texas. The Company Broker spoke to Jacob Lamont and realized quickly that the funds were not being appropriated through the banking system and questioned them on legality of the campaign funding. To his horror, the campaign house had not even been secured legally. Upon further questioning, they indicated a “good friendu201d Mike McCauley would set up a Super PAC to funnel the money directly to their pockets. Our Firm does not engage with suspicious accounting nor embezzlement so contact was ceased. A few months later, Ben Farmer approached me again and asked for money to equip his Roswell, New Mexico office with furniture, office supplies and phone lines. Ben Farmer asked for the money to be sent directly to his PayPal and indicated he was now working for Elect Liberty PAC on behalf of the Senate candidate Gary Johnson. Also, Ben Farmer highlighted that Elect Liberty PAC would act as a guarantor to the loan if the money was sent immediately. In the meantime, it has also come to my attention that a number of other parties have been approached by Ben Farmer with this undertaking. After consultation internally, I can duly issue out this warning to unsuspecting parties approached by this man and his affiliates… Do NOT give this man money unless you have a legal undertaking from the PAC to guarantee the funds that are being syphoned for personal use. This is a CON. Anyone who has spoken out and refused to pay and be involved, has been subject cyber stalking, intimidation, doxxing, harassment and threats of violence.

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