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If you are looking at this page it stands to reason that you or a loved one are dealing with a difficult time. Maybe life circumstances have stacked up and become overwhelming, and you want help taking your emotions out of the driver’s seat so that you can think clearly and prioritize. Perhaps you are recognizing that you are “stuck” in a pattern of behavior that is unhealthy, and want help making different choices. Maybe you are just looking for a healthy change, or trying to figure out what is blocking you from achieving the goals that you have. As a psychologist, my work and my passion is to help people examine the ways that their lived history and current pattern of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions move them either toward or away from their ultimate goals. My practice is based around the use of cognitive-behavioral (CBT) psychotherapy techniques within an interpersonal approach. While I have been trained to work with a broad range of psychological complaints, I have particular expertise with helping people who are dealing with recurring mood issues such as depression and anger. My behavioral medicine background has also provided me with unique experiences for helping those who are struggling with medical issues.

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