Benjamin and Jennifer Turner

Benjamin and Jennifer Turner

Benjamin and Jennifer Turner Benjamin and Jennifer Turner sold a vehicle with bogus mileage on title Chandler Arizona!!. Benjamin and Jennifer Turner of: (((REDACTED))) formerly of: (((REDACTED))) Sold us a used 2017 Ford Explorer. When we tried to change the title into our name, it could not be accomplished due to a discrepancy between the mileage on the title and the actual mileage displayed on the dashboard’s digital display. Apparently when the Turner’s had the vehicle titled in Oklahoma, the odometer was read as 89004 miles instead of the actual 8900.4 miles. The Turners never had the correction done while they lived in Oklahoma. It would have easy for them to have a correction. Again, apparently when they moved to Arizona, they could not get the title transferred to Arizona because of the discrepancy. No agency will title a vehicle with a backwards number on the odometer. It was easier for them to sell the vehicle without making the buyer aware of the discrepancy and the ensuing problem in title transfer. When we notified the Turners of the problem and that the solution was for them to sign an affidavit that we would send to the Oklahoma Tax Commissioner, (along with our verification of correct odometer reading), the Turners were very willing to do whatever they could to help. We would incur all costs including postage and re title fees. It has been six weeks now since we emailed the affidavit to the Turners to have their signatures notarized and sent back to us. . We have sent them emails, additional copies of the affidavit, called and left several messages on their cell phone and on their land line phone. They have since shut off their phones to the point that we can no longer leave a message. Our temporary registration is about to run out. We will not be able to drive the car we paid $15,800 in cash to the Turners. We cannot get a mechanic to get a lien title, or our insurance company to call the vehicle at least %80 totaled to get a salvage title. The only solution is to take up the offers from car dealerships to trade it in….for a more expensive vehicle that we would need to rake out a loan to cover the cost. We live on a fixed income, no new expenditures are within our budget. We mistakenly thought that as Benjamin Turner had been stationed in the Air Force in Germany, he would be a trustworthy and honorable man. His going to school at ASU studying anthropology seemed to give more credence to his reliability.He instead is a man without honor or integrity, his word is worth absolutely nothing. Do not deal with this couple, they are irresponsible, feckless, lacking in ethics or even morals. They much prefer to only do what will get them the most no matter the cost to anyone else.

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