Benny Brown's Ford - Dishonest

Benny Brown's Ford - Dishonest

Benny Brown’s Ford – Dishonest – Oroville California!!. I strongly believe that Benny Brown’s Ford in Oroville is dishonest. 1. I filed a complaint / negative review on their Facebook account. They had it removed. 2. On their Facebook account they created a “Customer Reviews” link towards the top of the menu. On this link they only show the best reviews. Then they moved the sites review page to the bottom. Hiding the negative reviews. I believe they created another reviews page with only good reviews and placed the link towards the top of the menu, and then placed the real reviews link on the bottom of the menu in an attempt to hide the negative reviews, hoping people will go to the review link they posted on the top and not the real review link on the bottom. No business is perfect. Everyone has unsatisfied customers. But when a company deceives people by creating another review page only showing the good reviews then they are obviously not honest. My original complaint was that the sales man was very pushy and rude. He was desperately trying to make me make a decision now. When I told him I wanted to wait a week he got rude. He was obviously upset he didn’t get my money that day. If you are on their Facebook go to the sites Review link to read the other 14 bad reviews they hid from you on the Customers Review link. I do not trust any business that would try and hide bad reviews, and I don’t like pushy salesmen. They are obviously deceiving the public.

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