Benny Harlem

Benny Harlem

Benny Harlem, HarlemHairCareInstitute, HarlemHairCare, Ahmad Belvin, Jaxyn Harlem, Kourtney Dandridge, Kourtney B. Harlem Muhammad, Courtney Young, Benjamin Harlem, Benjamin Lie about their whole persona, selling fake hair products, deception with weave and photoshop. Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Newark, Boston, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey!!. Bottom line, do NOT trust this man. Those “Veggie Kits” he’s selling you? Benny Harlem, aka Ahmad Belvin, literally just buys those items at common grocery stores (since he’s currently in California; he shops at Ralphs/Krogers), removes the labels on the products, puts a couple of fake leaves and stuff in them, and then slaps his label onto them, inflates the prices and sells them to unsuspecting customers who believes he is traveling to Africa to “gather up the ingredients”! He has NEVER been to Africa, and with all the strict agricultural laws and customs regulations, it is not likely that he is smuggling all these “ingredients” from Africa. He literally buys the items from the local grocery store and sells them to unsuspecting customers at prices as high as $400/kit! Look closer at the packaging and you will understand. This thread in Lipstick Alley further elaborates on his scheming ways. There is also reason to believe he may be molesting that little girl he takes photos with. He is not the real father of that child and none of that hair is ANY of theirs. They photoshop literally EVERYTHING, from their faces, to their bodies, to even their hair. Nothing on them is real. He even photoshopped one of his most infamous pics, the one that shows a “p***s print”. He photoshopped the size and everything. He has also had a lot of plastic surgery done to his face. Lip fillers/Injections (this is obvious when you compare his older photos side by side), cheek fillers/implants and a possible nose job. The fake “wife” also has photos of her child with her REAL dad on her Facebook page that she abandoned. Her real name is Courtney Young. She has abandoned her real family and friends and so has he, as they are both fully committed to running these scams and didn’t want to be connected to ANYONE who might blow their cover. She also photo shops a lot of her “weightloss” photos, particularly her waistline area. This forum on Lipstick Alley actually uncovered his fraudulent hair kit. He is playing on the insecurities of a lot of black women and they are unfortunately falling for this. If you want to jump to the part of the thread where it was discovered that he’s been using items from Ralphs/Krogers, start here from page 15 of the thread on: He also makes these really ellaborate promises that he never follows through on. One such promise was that he planned to pay the rent of 5 families for 4 months. He collected the personal, sensitive information of a LOT of families for that and now has all of their sensitive, identifying information at his disposal, little do they know. Around the time he was supposed to announce the “lucky winners” (this was also coincidentally his birthday week), he suddenly “fell ill” from a “viper bite” in which his “injuries” are inconsistent with what’s depicted in his photos. It is not likely that he was bitten by anything; he just made it up to bide time, because he collected the money of several unsuspecting customers and hadn’t fulfilled their orders. Several customers were complaining that they ordered in June of 2018 and have yet to receive their orders. I believe the grocery stores where he buys the items were either low on or out of stock. He also conveniently tells the customers that it will take “up to 12 weeks” for them to receive their product. But really, he just stalls it out for 3 months to be sure the customers can’t try to get refunds on PayPal or whatever payment system he uses for the customers. I believe he took those customers money and went to “turn up” on his birthday with it. he He is lying about a lot of things and needs to come clean. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED, AND NEW THINGS ARE BEING FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS GUY ALMOST EVERYDAY. FOLLOW THIS PAGE to see more of him exposed: Something needs to be done about this guy! He is literally scamming people out of their hard-earned money and getting away with it! Don’t fall for it! There is no “magic product” that is going to make your hair grow long. Their OWN hair isn’t even naturally that long. All of it is fake. From the little girl, to the “wife”, to his own fake flat top which is even recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records. They never checked to make sure his hair is real. They only gave him the record for talled Flat Top Style but not tallest NATURAL flat top style. Unfortunately, the WAD Awards (World Afro Day Awards) in London is about to award him the “International Icon” Award because they have not been made aware that he’s a fraud! BUYER BEWARE! RIPOFF ALERT! REPORT THIS GUY TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and SUE HIM FOR YOUR MONEY BACK! HE literally sold you things you can buy in your local grocery store.

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