Bent's RV Rendezvous

Bent's RV Rendezvous

Bent’s RV Rendezvous Dishonest Owners Who Treat Their Employees Unfairly, Poor Management Metairie, Louisiana!!. I know several people who have worked here before, and they all say the same thing: “The owners are unreasonable, provide inadequate training, make promises they have no intention of keeping, have been known to fire staff as quickly as they hire them (the average time an employee works there is 3-4 weeks), and the worst thing I have heard is that the company doesn’t pay their employees their earned commission checks after they are fired. They fire them before their commisssion checks are cut, and their fired employees never receive their money that they earned.” There is no bigger rip off than this company. The owner will rebuttal and try to blame the employees, but when you see two former employees in a row saying the same thing about him, who are you going to beleive? The management of this company is dishonorable, cruel and unforgivable. The owner even fired his sales manager after hiring a whole new crew. He keeps blaming the salesmen for not selling. What other company do you know of that has to constantly fire and hire all new staff? The problem is obviously poor management.

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