Benzin Motor Works Tulsa

Benzin Motor Works Tulsa

Benzin Motor Works Tulsa Brought it in for $150 ddiagnostic, and they racked up $750 in unauthorized repairs. Tulsa Oklahoma!!. I can’t even rate Benzin right now. Im trying so hard to be optimistic here, but I had an issue and it is only fair to state that. I called Benzin to get my car towed there by AAA. I very clearly stated to the Secretary that I just need a diagnostic on this old car (1997) so I could decide if I wanted to start fixing it or not. She told me the minimum was $150 for a diagnostic, and I agreed. I called in a few days because I had not heard anything, and was told it is still back there in line. I waited a few more days and called again, so she put my call to the back, no answer. Called again and again, and she just wasnt sure to she got one of the guys back there and I asked if the diagnostic was complete so I could pick up the car. He said Oh! It’s all done, everything is repaired and its ready to go, by the way I fixed the hood lever so that’s $50 more, and your total is $750! I asked him why did he do all that? He told me he called and got authorization and made the repairs. But, he didn’t! I live alone and he only has my cell phone, it’s just me! He didn’t call me and get authorization. So I called family and other mechanics to see what I should do. They said don’t pay him but for what you asked for. Im too old to do this, and I really don’t appreciate being taken advantage of like that. I didn’t have to money for all that, and that’s why I asked for a specific service up front and made sure it was clear this was all I want. So, I just paid $750 anyway, and took my car. The check engine light was on, the inline fuel pump was missing its cover and was buzzing real loud, which was not the case when I brought it there. It was just cutting off. So I got 5 blocks from Benzin and it cut off! So I called AAA to bring it home. After about 8 weeks of sitting there, I had my son change the fuel pump and the fuel filter, and it looks like that was actually the problem. It had little trash in the fuel because it had been sitting for a while before I acquired it. So that’s my story. Im not saying that they are not good mechanics. Im just saying what happened to me there was unfair and I just don’t trust anyone to help me restore this car now. Really sad!

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