Berkeley Township

Berkeley Township

We tried to get a permission from Berkeley Township for our future garage to Minimize the risk from natural | hazadrs. We have boat and cars. We don’t want have an experience like Sandy and lost everything. But instead of permission we have a problem. Someone check our property and let us know what we do not allowed park a car on the grass, have a shad. Otherwise we have to pay the fee. But obviosly we need a shed and we went for a permission for that mattter. Don’t they understand? And we have a paperwork ” Applicant propose to constuct a 500 sf detached garage that will increase the existing non-conforming lot coverage percentage from 11% to 15″ The maximum allowed is 10% ….” Who has 10 %. I ‘m sure only we are. We drove around and see what our neighbors have. We have a very small old house and have land for what reason? To play football? Cut the grass? Or clean the leaves every fall? It’s not funny. From Berkeley they said A law was changed. So we have to suffer. Is it fair? When the law will be for the people not against? Who make that law. Can we read it? Or it is a big secret. The zone where we live is PPC. So it’s OK to pay the property tax, we are allowd to do so but have what we really need we don’t allowd. We will be happy with any decision attach garage or not, but we need one. Berkeley township sent to as papers to full up and it’s going to cost us after we finish $3000. But it cost our future garage and we are senior citizen. Nobody is happy with Berkeley township. All they look for is the money. | Developement Rights Program working for people or not? | 2015 Master Plan Reexamination Report | streamlines, refines, and clarifies this existing framework, offering opportunities for | community resiliency and ensuring that the recovery efforts meet the needs of residents, | visitors, business es and investors today and well into the future. | Obviously Berkeley didn’t folow that advise from Plan Endoresement from NJ State Planning Commition. Developement Rights Program working for people or not?

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