Berkley Auto Care in Berkley Michigan John

Berkley Auto Care in Berkley Michigan John

Berkley Auto Care in Berkley Michigan John Berkley Auto Care on !2 mile road in Berkley Michigan Berkley Auto Care 2611 12 mile Rd Berkley Michigan is guilty of Malicious Destruction of Property over $1000 Destroyed many cars RIPS OFF WOMEN Dishonest Scammers liars John is a thief Horrible car me Berkley, Michigan!!. Berkley Auto Care at 3611 12 Mile RdBerkley, MI 48072(248) 548-8740 Berkley Auto Care is a horrible place to take your car for repair. John who is the ‘ring leader of dishonest mechanics (?) is very disonest and deliberately sabotaged this car, just to charge more money. Berkley Auto Care on 12 mile in Berkley are guilty of malicious destruction of property over $1000. Berkley Auto Care ripoff mechanics ‘John and Derek’ are liars and ripoff. Do not trust this place to fix your car. they will purposely destroy your car. avoid this place, and let everyone know that the berkley auto care rips off women.i know for a fact, i’ve seen them rip off women. My Wife brought in her car for a minor repair, brought it home and the next day it wouldn’t start. They sabotaged it and rigged it with a ‘temp’ so that she would have to bring it back the next day. That happned to her Twice. I’ve reported the Berkley Auto Care to the Attorney General to bring charges against John, Derek and the Berkley Auto Care in Berkley Michigan. Do not trust this place to touch your car. This place is a dishonest horrible place. AVOID BERKLEY AUTO CARE LIKE THE PLAQUE!

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