Bernardi Toyota Scion of Framingham

Bernardi Toyota Scion of Framingham

Bernardi Toyota Scion of Framingham Ruined what should have been a great experience. .. Framingham Massachusetts!!. In November of 2018 I went online looking for dealer quotes on a 2018 Toyota Corolla S. I later received an email confirming my request for an online quote from Bernardi Toyota. Less than an hour passed before a man named Brandon called to see how he could help. I explained to him that I wanted to trade a 2004 Mazda 3 Hatchback for a newer car. He scheduled an appointment for the appraisal for the same day which was awesome. He said the appointment was set for 5pm with him that he’d take a look and run some numbers for me. I was so excited that when I should up at the dealerI was automatically greeted by another man named Jose. I said I was there for an appraisal aappointment with Brandon. Jose never paged Brandon for the appointment. I told him I would much rather speak to Brandon because he was aware of the situation and he said that it would be fine that he was just as good. Jose then called for my Mazda to be appraised and took me for a walk around the lot while I waited to see if I saw anything I liked. I explained that I would prefer a Corolla vs anything else new or used didnt matter. He then showed me a 2018 Toyota Corolla S Plus which I automatically fell in love with and took it for a test drive. After returning I told him I wanted to trade my Mazda for the Corolla. I was also there with my mom seeing as she’s purchased from Bernardi Toyota before. Jose took an automatic dislike to her. Ignored her and when she wasnt being ignored he was very rude with her. Against her advice I went ahead with the car. I was told I could finance for a low rate which was not true. After an hr or so Jose returned telling me they would only give me $2000 for a car I had pur hased in June of 2018 for $6900. The tires were weeks old and I had warranties on them and on parts and labor for the transmission. All in all the Mazda came out at almost $10,000. I said no and asked for my keys back. He said he’d be back not to move yet. After another hour and no keys he returned with a new appraisal of $2500. I said no and ge said it would be $2500 for the trade in, no down payment and a low $300 monthly payment. I asked if it woukd be financed and he said he’d find me the best rate. After about 30-45 minutes he came back with someone from financing. This is where my trip really starts hitting bottom.the man from financing gas me fill out all sorts of paperwork and says he’ll run it and give me a call because they are about to close and its late to run anything. I was contacted on 11/21/13 by Jose and asked to come in the dealership but without my mother. To come alone. So I get in my car and run down to Bernardi Toyota. I am bombarded by both Jose and the man from financing about a better offer than getting financing. I said “hold on I want to own the car not lease it” they told me that according to my credit report leasing is the only way Toyota would let me drive off the lot with a new car. I asked about my payments and was told $300. I felt as if that were the only way because they kept encouraging it and wouldnt let up. I asked to read papers but they refused saying I needed to sign so because they were closing. I asked about the cars and they said to go home get insurance for the Corolla and that it would be ready the following day. I felt trapped but went home purchased a new policy and followed up the next day. Not only was I not able to read my papers, I didnt receive copies, my payments were higher then $300, to my surprise the car came with no carpet mats or rubber mats & I needed to make another trip to Bernardi Toyota to inspect on Monday!!!! Jose called me 4-5 times to remind me about giving him a good survey when his service was not good at all. My mother left the dealer upset with how she was treated by him, I left upset with his actions, nothing we discussed happened and his vehicle knowledge was the worst. I have to rely on internet manuals for my car because I was left with no paperwork and no books!!!! Ive called this dealer and left messages but management doesnt care until 08/29 that I walked in to speak to management because I called corporate 9 months ago and they hadnt called to resolve my agreement or give me any type of paperwork or resolution. My car was repossessed on the 28th and Toyota Financial sent me to Bernardi to fix the issues on my lease agreement. I spoke to Juan after an hour of waiting and the receptionist not doing her job. She even told me to go find a manager myself! I spoke to Juan who then offered to call Toyota Financial to negotiate so that I am able to get my car back with the lease but it was late so now I have to wait till 9/2 to see if Chris can help meon behalf of Juan because the general manager never calls me back or answers my calls. Needless to say NEVER BUY OR LEASE FROM BERNARDI TOYOTA THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND LEAVE YOU BROKE AND WALKING. ALL JOSE CARES ABOUT IS HIS COMISSION FOR THE SALE NIT THE CUSTOMERS CONCERNS. THE MANAGER DOESNT EVEN CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS HES WAY TOO BUSY DOING GOD KNOWS WHAT. I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS AT ALL. I AM STRESSED OUT AND PISSED THE F* OFF WITH THEIR NEGLIGENCE. I was witnessing Jose sell another poor guy a car and twisting his words for his own benefit. I felt like getting up and pulling the young man aside and screaming “DONT BUY OR LEASE FROM JOSE HES SCAMING YOU INTO GETTING A BETTER COMISSION! BELIEVE ME I KNOW!!!” This poor mans father was being treated just like my mother. Ignored and dismissed for every question and concern!!!!! Hopefully something good comes out of this SH* HOLE for me…..

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