Best Auto Bargain

Best Auto Bargain

Well well well, where do I even start?? Well I found a vehicle in the beginning of January 2015 online at I searched for this specific vehicle a 2005 Acura TSX 6-speed with navigation. I found it in Lowell at best auto bargain and was extremely excited. I took a trip up and checked out the car. It was advertised for $9,900. After seeing the car two or three times I decided I was going to buy it. I gave the man $3,400 as a down payment. My credit was awful so I decided to instead of paying it all off leave a little to pay on so I can work on my credit. Well, after putting down that chunk of money my total still ended up being almost $16,000 when the APR was at 23%. Initially, he wanted to change the price of the car AFTER I had put down the 3400$. He told me that because I was only giving that amount, the bank would only give him 5xxx $ so he would only end up with 8,900 instead of 9,900. So now he had to charge me 10,900 for the car. .I let him do that. and when I left with my car, I called the bank and got it changed back to the original 9900. When I first check the car out he wouldn’t let me drive far for a test drive so I was unable to get the real complete feel of the clutch. So when I got home I realized that the clutch was going either that or the transmission. I also was unable to get a inspection sticker because of a couple of safety issues. I immediately called the guy up at best auto bargain and he basically told me too bad I bought it, nothing he is going to do about it now. So I had to explain to him the lemon laws and then he told me I can come back up to see his mechanic but anytime I called it was always an excuse. He also failed to give me the CD for the navigation in which he charged me $100 to buy it .Even though it was supposed to come with it. So, I ended up going to my mechanic where he fixed the brakes rotors and ball joints and installed a new clutch for me. I sued best auto bargain for $800 the cost of the clutch I believe. I really don’t remember I will have to look back in my paperwork… I told this man that my transmission was on the blink a week after I bought this car. I only fixed the clutch because it was the only thing I could do at the time seeing we’re getting a new transmission cost me almost $2,000. So time goes on probably about I’d say 6 months, and my transmission blew. I was a total wreck. I was then told pretty much haha that’s what I got for suing him. When I did Sue him, I also wrote A Couple of bad reviews on He was ordered to pay me $800 from the courts but refused to pay me until I removed the review. I shouldn’t have had to do that, but I did just so I could get my money. Now I have been without a car for 2 years just about actually yes 2 years because I am broke without a job unable to finish my internship for private investigation and no transportation for getting to a job seeing that I live in Millbury and the closest bus stop is over 2 miles from my house. I had to dish out $1,700 for a transmission go all the way to New York to pick it up and it only had a six-month warranty on it. I was not able to get the transmission in my car and running within 6 months therefore if it does not work, I am s**t out of luck and another $2,000 down the d**n drain. I feel as if I should be compensated for the entire price of the car,, I have had a major Financial loss… Including now the bank says I owe them $5,000 for some fraudulent checks I cashed when I got into an accident and the stupid Bank sent two checks one in my name and my lenders name the other in my name and my agents name I never knew that I was supposed to get a signature from both parties before cashing the check. But I also don’t work at the bank so I didn’t have the final say in Who cashes them. So this is just a d**n headache I am out over $25,000 from a simple car that cost $9,900. Also the body was messed up when I bought it but didn’t realize it because I bought it during the winter when there was snow and he wouldn’t dust it off. And I needed a car ASAP the hood looks like someone in third grade painted it. He would not listen to me, he would not help me in any type of way. I think I deserve at least the price of the car back in my pocket $10,000 this is totally unfair. My son was murdered in 2014 in Virginia, I was unable to make it to his Anniversary 2 years in a row 16 + 17 because of the stupid car that is broken with a non-working transmission. I have been devastated for 2 years for the entire month of August. If this doesn’t make sense I highly truly apologize, I am so frustrated just thinking about this story.

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