Best buy here pay here

Best buy here pay here

Best buy here pay here CROOKS OKLAHOMA CITY Oklahoma!!. I purchased a car from Best Buy Here Pay Here location at 2100 SW 29th St Oklahoma City, Ok 73119. I walked in they had a manager named DJ he is a straight crook. They had a Expedition that he said that is a excellent car. We test drove it it ran ok. I asked him if the truck was ever wrecked he stated No. He said if there is anything wrong with it I give you my word I will fix it. So we purchased the truck. The second day the window went down and would not roll back up. It rained i had to use a cardboard box and tape to keep the rain out. I called him he kept giving me the run around. Then he tells me bring it up to the lot he had someone who was going to fix the window. Instead he gives me a phone number for one of the salesman grandfather to take the truck to to get the window fixed. I take the truck over there the gentleman said this window can not be fixed because everything on the inside of the window frame is broke. This is due to the fact this truck has been in a major accident. So i go and look up the car fax not only has it been in a major accident but it has a salvage title. It is worth $2800 Kelly blue book they marked it up to over $10,000. Then the truck breaks down i tell them about it and they said they need a work order so bring the truck in. I take the truck in they said they have to send the work order in a wait to get an answer. i have only had the truck for 4 days at this time. So Then it breaks all the way down and i have not heard from them and me and my wife have to work so i pay to get it fixed. Then about two days later it messes up again this time something else so i tell them again and they tell me we can not fix anything until you make a payment then they can put a work order in. So i make a payment and i am told the same thing that they will call me when ever i can bring the truck in. 2 days go buy no call i call the main number in Arkansas they tell me that there is nothing they can do about it because they only deal with the money part. So once again i have to get it fixed so my wife and i can get to work. So i drive to Texas to see my brother who is very ill and it breaks down again. They call me up and say we need a payment before they can fix it. I am out of pocket $1496 so far on this truck out of pocket. So i would not recommend buying any automobile from this company.

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